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Based on the best practices in Canada and in sub-Saharan Africa in conflict management, mediation and facilitation, Acacia Mediation provides mediation training processes and dispute resolution systems design.

 From a needs-based analysis to the creation of tailor-made solutions and training, we advise and deliver services and trainings, focused on the evolving needs of our clients.

 We offer three main types of services in English and French:

Mediation certification and specialisation workshops I


Mediation certification and specialisation workshops with intersectional lens II


In house tailor-made conflict management solutions

  • Needs assessment
  • Consultation process
  • Develop mediation policies
  • Facilitation

Courses address Conflict Management related to governance structure, regulation, public participation, public utilities and stakeholder relations in natural resources. We also audit and assess your mediation mechanisms in order to improve its efficiency with inclusive consultation processes and a participatory approach.

Developing your mediation policies, equity and inclusion guidelines & so much more.